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Easiest USB Audio Interface on Linux

After tinkering trying to get the Tascam US-122MKii working under Fedora, I gave up.  This thing does not follow standards, and the only driver which is provided by the community is for an older Tascam (US122L).

Thus far, the easiest plug-and-play USB audio interface I have found that works under Linux:

M-Audio MobilePre

M-Audio has a history of following standards, and many of their products work very well under Linux.  You can also try the M-Audio FastTrack, which is a more recent product.  This also should work easily under Linux.

How Does it work (Fedora 18)?

  • Plug in the USB cable
  • Start Qjackctl, select the MobilePre as the Input device on the right, start Jack.
  • Start Ardour2 to use the Jack connection, create a new track, record your song.

I did ZERO tinkering to get this working.  Didn’t have to load any modules manually, it just works.